No matter where you work, you’ll always feel like you’ve found a home.

We serve clients in over 100 countries and across every time zone, but there’s one thing you can count on no matter where you work — you’ll feel a sense of belonging. You’ll know that your ideas count and your contributions matter.

Every Urban Scientist builds their employee experience on the strength of our four pillars.


We foster an environment that empowers you to become your best self, at every life stage. By offering programs and benefits that enable everything from wellness and spirituality to financial health and work-life balance, we provide support through every step of your wellbeing journey.

Our benefit offerings strive to support your physical, financial, mental, and spiritual health. You’ll enjoy flexibility in your workday and location, enjoy a generous time-off policy, and experience many other ways to help you balance the many aspects of your life.


Passion and curiosity drive you to set ambitious personal and professional goals. We provide the programs and tools, coupled with real-world opportunities and a supportive environment, which enables growth on your terms – achieving greatness with each milestone.

We know that growth is more than just upward mobility. We offer employees experience that helps shape their future, including mentoring, international travel and mobility, opportunities to work on cross-functional projects, and ample resources and tools to boost your skills and elevate your competencies.


At Urban Science, we are committed to building a community that is inclusive, ethical, and inspiring. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in the global communities in which we work and live, and we encourage and support you to be a force for good.

With Urban Scientists across the globe, our differences create a unique culture where we celebrate our achievements and honor our traditions, inspire each other to expand our minds and broaden our perspectives, and relentlessly pursue opportunities to enrich the communities in which we live and work. Our collective curiosity and passion don’t stop at data analytics – we continually seek ways to connect and come together. There’s always an employee event to attend – from charity fundraising competitions to Diwali celebrations, to hackathons and virtual yoga class; interest groups to join; a new pet or baby photo to admire; or hobby to try out with fellow colleagues. Our people create a sense of belonging that you will want to be a part of.


Success isn’t just measured by the outcome, but the willingness to take risks and learn along the way. We recognize and celebrate your professional growth, personal accomplishments, and contributions to our corporate community and the world beyond.






Job Opportunities


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Angelica Samano Hernandez

Senior Implementation Engineer, Munich


Angelica’s Urban Science tenure has spanned two continents.


Every time Angelica begins a workday, she can look forward to covering a lot of ground.

From speaking with her team in the morning, to solving client challenges and requests in the afternoon and later sharing learnings with colleagues in the United States and Mexico, Angelica is always in motion.

And what inspires her? “I enjoy helping our clients. This drives us to find new approaches and solutions. I find we can all work together to offer solutions worldwide.”

Angelica says the team comradery, spread across the world, is what she enjoys most. “Always willing to help, friendly, and full of knowledge!”

Bill Portman

Global Database Administration Manager, Detroit


“No two days are the same and that’s what makes it exciting.”


Whether Bill Portman is going full steam on a work project, camping, golfing, or rescuing a pet, one thing is for sure – he’s never standing still!

As a database administrator, Bill and the team he built have to be flexible and prepared to meet the seen and unseen challenges of any single day. “We work as one to complete the task at hand. I know every company says that, but it’s real here. We all come together for the greater good.”

Bill also recognizes mentoring as an essential part of his personal mission. “I am a strong believer in training and empowering people to grow in their careers and gain new skills.”

Naturally, the part Bill likes best is the “great people” and the “many lifelong friendships” made.

Cara Baughman

Advanced Analytics Manager, Detroit


A love of the training process brought Cara from short-distance running to completing a marathon.


Whether it’s fitness training, traveling, or solving our clients’ critical challenges, Cara’s open-minded and thorough approach brings the positivity that makes great things happen.

Cara’s passion to help others drives her to excel at uncovering solutions. “Discovering optimal ways to help dealers operate more efficiently, it always feels good to find the answers that speak so loudly in the data.”

The key for her is being part of a team, “with like-minded people who can challenge your thoughts and opinions to produce the best outcome.”

Dan Sharp

Associate Software Engineer, Detroit


Best trip ever – two weeks in Paris


Dan Sharp is a creative explorer. He excels at abstracting issues to find the most relevant points and using that information to craft a solution.

What Dan likes most about Urban Science is opportunities for creativity and “the ability to do complex problem solving in an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity.” Dan calls Urban Science, “the great ninja of the auto industry,” with quiet competence and a dedication to thoroughness.

“I’m happy with how I’ve been able to manage my career and the enthusiasm with which Urban Science assisted my growth.”

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