AfterSales Performance

Turn customer loyalty
from a random occurrence
to a repeating pattern.

Parts and Service departments are the primary profit generators for a dealership and are also a major driver of customer loyalty – leading to additional vehicle sales and higher dealer performance levels. It’s essential to arm your dealers to seize the opportunity and be a major driver of service retention and long-term loyalty.

If they’re not coming in for service,
we’ll find out why.

We uncover opportunities to increase service retention, reduce defections, and improve long-term brand loyalty – ultimately making dealerships more competitive and driving revenue growth across your network.

Uncover Opportunity

Identify and analyze key service metrics to build a true picture of performance across your aftersales network and empower your dealers to win more opportunities in their regions.


Empower action

Arm your dealers with the insights and tools to identify high-potential prospects and focus their marketing efforts to drive opportunity into their service lanes.


Monitor impact

Track the impact of your service performance to more deeply monitor factors like service absorption and your true cost of labor.


Learn to see opportunity more clearly

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The fastest, most accurate way to diagnose your service opportunities.

In the fast-paced world of a Service department, time truly is money. As the premier scientific aftersales solution, ServiceView delivers streamlined access to the most important data to ensure impactful efficiency, competitiveness, and opportunistic decision-making.

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Private offers. And the proof they’re working.

AutoHook incentive campaigns are scientifically proven to drive qualified customers to dealers’ service lanes through multi-channel, highly targeted private offers.

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Measure the money you’re making or missing.

Understand the contribution the Service and Parts departments make to the success of the aftersales network as a whole. FinancialView tracks the impact of your service performance to more deeply monitor factors like service absorption and your true cost of labor.

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Proving the clarity of our vision every day.

From high-volume brands to niche vehicles, Urban Science is trusted by dealers to uncover their most certain opportunities for success.

What our clients are saying.

“Truly listens to our needs and uses data to drive recommendations and problem-solving.”

OEM Aftersales Lead, North America

“Great team! Efficient and reliable.”

OEM Aftersales Leader, North America

“The Urban Science team displays a mastery of the automotive industry through highly technical business expertise.”

OEM Aftersales Leader, Europe

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Urban Science: U.S. automotive dealer count remains stable, dealership throughput expected to rise to highest level since pandemic

DETROIT, August 10, 2023 – Urban Science® today announced highlights from its 2023 midyear Automotive Franchise Activity Report (FAR), which shows continued stability for the U.S. automotive retail network through […]


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