Dealership Performance

We turn every lost sale
into an opportunity
for improvement.

The pressure for sales never stops. Urban Science® helps you treat the problems, not just the symptoms that are costing you conversions. There may be hundreds of ways to lose a sale, but we offer the one approach that cuts through the confusion and keeps you from repeating them.

17 million times a year, we see all the clues as to what’s holding you back.

We are automotive dealership scientists who empower dealers to uncover and convert daily traffic and sales opportunities.

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Sell to the shoppers,
suppress the defectors.

If your lead defections are invisible, you have no choice but to chase all leads equally — wasting time, money and your brand equity.

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Unlock any market and every type of investment opportunity.

Get never-before-seen access to the exclusive insights driving the automotive industry. Whether you’re looking to invest in new markets, or grow in your own, you need science on your side. MarketGrowth™ unlocks opportunities across any market, any time.

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Winning starts with knowing what you’re losing.

TrafficView takes one-dimensional CRM data and infuses it with the power of Urban Science’s daily industry-wide sales* and defection data, transforming it into a holistic view of what’s really going on at your dealership.

*Sales refers to vehicle unit sales and does not represent vehicle price or revenue.
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Turn prospects into shoppers and shoppers into buyers.

AutoHook incentive campaigns are scientifically proven to efficiently turn in-market prospects into incremental showroom visits and new-to-brand sales through highly targeted, private offers.

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Learn how to convert more leads.

Knowing what your competitors sold yesterday informs your strategies today.

The Urban Science® DataHub™ is the power behind our solutions. It’s the only near real-time source of industry-wide sales* fueled directly from the automakers and not on modeled or delayed vehicle registrations. This exclusive data enables you to make informed business decisions based on yesterday’s insights, not last month’s or last quarter’s.

Source: Urban Science® DataHub™ | New Sales and Urban Science® DataHub™ | Certified Pre-Owned Sales
*Sales refers to vehicle unit sales and does not represent vehicle price or revenue.

With access to over 95% of all new vehicle sales and 89% of Certified Pre-Owned sales in the U.S., our industry-exclusive data hub gives you the most complete picture of the automotive market.


Our OEM data is updated as frequently as daily, making our solutions the only ones in the industry fueled by near real-time sales.


Urban Science statistics provide specifics into all transactions, including date of sale, ZIP code, make/model/trim, previous purchase, and selling dealer.


This powerful data can also be delivered to any platform, extending dealers’ ability to make near real-time decisions for their other investments.


Since data is our foundation, we ensure that it is protected, including strict adherence to consumer-level privacy regulations, as well as stringent partitioning of dealer and brand data.

What our clients are saying.

“We’ve been using the AutoHook program for over two years, and it continues to help us drive in-market customers into our showroom. I include the test drive offers in all my outreach to potential customers to bring them in to see my team. We close our Internet leads at a 70-80% rate and AutoHook certainly contributes to those numbers. The gift card brings them to us, and our team’s customer service converts them into buyers. For those dealers who don’t use the AutoHook solutions to their fullest, you are missing out big time!”

Carlos Lopez, Internet Sales Manager, Cocoa Hyundai

“AutoHook has been a great tool for helping get people off of our website and into our showroom. We have seen about 50% of the people who filled out the offer online end up in our showroom! While this doesn’t always lead directly to a sale, it definitely helps us get out in front of the customer so that they have a great experience with the product and with us as a dealership. We will definitely keep working these leads because the program is so easy and simple to use.”

Joe Valdez, Sales Manager, Rosen Nissan

“Since utilizing TrafficView, we’ve seen a significant and consistent decrease in defections month over month. The near-real-time data in the salesperson exhibit has enabled us to actively engage our staff on the fly to see where their areas of opportunity are and hold them accountable. Each salesperson on our team is familiar with their own data and they’re using it to increase their efficiency and capture areas of opportunity that we weren’t even aware of before TrafficView. The days to sale portion of TrafficView has allowed our management team to see the opportunity within our follow-up process and this has led to a more consistent and targeted follow-up approach. Overall, our defection rate has dropped around 9% in three months and we’re excited for continued results!”

Kevin Burton, General Manager, Toyota of Kirkland (O’Brien Auto Group)

“To actually see TrafficView results with your own store’s data right in front of you is a completely different ballgame. We have a few Mercedes-Benz stores utilizing TrafficView and the results have been outstanding. Being able to see lost opportunities from certain lead providers as well as defections to other luxury brands has been extremely eye-opening. Knowing where our lost sales occur, whether it is within the Mercedes-Benz brand or a competitive OEM, TrafficView takes our CRM data and turns it into something we can act on to appropriately adjust our marketing efforts and hone in on issues with pricing or process.”

Tom Agresti, Chief Technology Officer, Dream Motor Group

“We are utilizing AutoHook’s Web2Show, Lead2Show, and TrafficView. We are just scratching the surface with TrafficView by deep diving into our lost opportunities. Once we have identified the lost opportunities in our own CRM data by model, zip code, lead source, and individual salesperson, we can create targeted offers to drive customers into the showroom and gain back market share. There is no other suite of solutions available that can identify these problems and provide the resolution so seamlessly.”

Patrick Kyes, General Manager, Morries Automotive Group

“TrafficView has been a huge benefit for our store, as we are in a unique and competitive market. By using our own CRM data, we were able to see the effectiveness of the data firsthand, pairing TrafficView results with custom, targeted offers via AutoHook’s Web2Show and Lead2Show. Not only were we able to gain buyer share for the specific zip code and model we targeted, but our same-brand top competitor was no longer our top same-brand competitor when all was said and done! We will continue to use the data to influence our marketing and planning efforts moving forward.”

Mark Olson, General Sales Manager, Findlay Kia

Proving the clarity of our vision every day.
On every sale.

From high-volume brands to niche vehicles, Urban Science is trusted by dealers to uncover their most certain opportunities for success.

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July 17th, 2023

Urban Science launches daily CPO lead-defection alerts, additional SalesAlert enhancements

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March 9th, 2023

Competition for Sales Is Back — But Is Your Sales Staff Ready to Sell Again?

Empower your team with daily defection-based training. U.S. new-vehicle inventory levels rose sharply in December and crested to 1.8 million for the first time since May 2021…

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In an Ever-Changing Marketplace, You Need Timely and Actionable Defection Data on Your Side.

There are a number of factors contributing to the roller coaster-like ride of the automotive marketplace. Macro-economic conditions are slowing demand and moderating prices at the same time as production and inventory levels are rebounding off their pandemic-related lows.

November 3rd, 2022

Urban Science launches SalesAlert™, the only technology that notifies dealers when a customer buys a car at a same- or competitive-brand dealership.

Urban Science® today announced the launch of SalesAlert™, an industry first solution that notifies car dealers when a sales lead has purchased a vehicle from another dealership.


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