Lead-level defection data delivered to your CRM for only $299/month.

  • Save time and money by not following up with dead leads.
  • Improve your sales staff training based on known lost opportunities.
  • Refine your messaging and send relevant communications to your defected customers.
  • Matches leads to 95% of all new sales and 89% of all CPO sales.

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See how SalesAlert can
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Ashley Cavazos
Marketing Director, DeMontrond Auto Group



Boost your sales team’s confidence and engagement when you empower them to focus on working in-market leads.


Deliver real-time coaching feedback based on data-driven metrics that reveal unseen opportunities.


Marketers are empowered to tailor customer messaging focused on building long term value.


Benchmark your defection rates and see high level defection trends to pivot your marketing strategies.

What Dealers have to say about SalesAlert.

“Why wouldn’t a dealer want to clean up the ghosts in their CRM for $299 a month? That’s a fantastic price and seems like a no brainer.”

– Brian Pasch
Founder at Pasch Group

“SalesAlert is easy to use and works great with TrafficView. It helps paint a clear picture by filling in the gaps. These two products work well in tandem and are extremely valuable.”

– Stephen Lynch
General Sales Manager
Volvo Cars West County

“SalesAlert is a great solution for identifying CRM leads that have left the market. Being able to identify defections in near real time allows us to adjust our BDC (Internet Leads and Phone-ups) and Floor sales team’s follow-up processes and truly maximize their time by not chasing leads that have already defected. For only $299 per month, SalesAlert is an easy decision.”

– Robert Koreman
Digital Marketing Manager/BDC Director
Resnick Auto Group

“Sales managers who use Urban Science’s SalesAlert solution to inform real-time coaching conversations with their teams, supercharge the impact training has on individual team member performance and productivity and aids them in selling more cars.”

– Sean Kelley
Owner at Car Motivators

“SalesAlert has been a game-changer! We have implemented process improvements since joining this pilot. We have found other ways to use the data at our dealership, including in our service department. Being able to see our defections daily has allowed us to save time and be more efficient.”

– Samantha Edwards
Arlington Heights Buick GMC

“SalesAlert has been a helpful and time-saving tool that lets me see more in depth where I can make improvements here at the dealership. It gives an overall picture of when leads defect and where they’re going.”

– Denise Alvarado
Robbins Chevrolet

“SalesAlert provides us with near real-time data to make an actionable decision and saves us time and money when our leads have closed elsewhere. This solution allows us to almost immediately train our sales staff. The greatest part is that it is delivered directly to our CRM and we can also view it in the AutoHook Portal! We can now focus on the leads that we know are still in market improving our effectiveness.”

– Anonymous
Jenkins Nissan of Leesburg

“SalesAlert is valuable to us as we are saving time because we can now focus on the customers that we know are still in market! We update our leads twice a week using the SalesAlert reporting available in the AutoHook Portal, and we receive the alert in our CRM as well. Based on the information provided in reporting, we know that a customer purchased elsewhere whether it was same brand, same OEM, or competitive OEM and provide training when necessary.”

– Anonymous
Jenkins Kia of Crystal River

“SalesAlert provides us with near real-time data to make decisions, so deals do not fall through the cracks. The greatest part is that the data is delivered directly to our CRM and we can also view it in the AutoHook Portal! This is a heck of a starting point for us and looking at our notes there are leads that we had listed as not in the market and purchased somewhere else. Based on the information provided in reporting, we know that a customer purchased elsewhere whether it was same brand, same OEM, or competitive OEM almost instantly. I see the value already; the value is there no doubt!”

– Anonymous
Hyundai of Silsbee

“SalesAlert is very effective in saving our sales staff time chasing out of market buyers. We use SalesAlert as a training tool with our sales reps to determine why a customer defected and what could have been done differently by following up with these customers. We can then offer our service department for customer retention.”

– Anonymous
Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge

“We were very excited to participate in the SalesAlert® demo. Since launching the product, we have found it to be very useful. Having visibility into who has defected, particularly outside of our brand, has provided valuable insight into our operations. The CRM integration gives us a snapshot right in CRM and the auto-close feature allows our sales team to focus on leads that are actually in market. We will continue to utilize this product after the demo period as we believe in the value it provides.”

– Anonymous
Ertle Subaru

“SalesAlert has been beneficial to us in the manner that we can reach out to customers to gain insight on their purchase choices. Knowing who the customers are that have purchased elsewhere gives us the opportunity to approach these customers for their service needs. We are looking forward to using SalesAlert as a coaching tool for our sales team.”

– Anonymous
Mercedes-Benz of Music City

“We have seen the value in being clients of SalesAlert. SalesAlert has given our dealership the ability to focus on viable leads. We have worked to integrate this into our sales process, and the success speaks for itself. We are looking forward to seeing similar success in 2023!”

– Anonymous
Carriage Kia

“SalesAlert helps us sort through our leads to remove those who are not in the market that we were unable to get ahold of. SalesAlert definitely cuts down on the time spent contacting customers that we otherwise would not be aware they are no longer in the market for a vehicle as well as knowing if they went with the same manufacturing company or if they went with another make. It also gives us the opportunity to reach out to those customers letting them know if they are in the market in the future to reach out to us.”

– Anonymous
Ramsey Mazda

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