We only see things one way: clearly.

We are Automotive Business Scientists. We transform market challenges into innovation that leads to certainty. We are leaders because we find and examine possibilities through the clarity of a scientific lens.

We turn market chaos into discovery, action, and measured success.

We tackle the biggest challenges on a global scale and have served every major automaker. From the beginning, we’ve never found a problem that we thought was too big to tackle. We’re curious, creative, and dedicated to finding solutions that guide your decisions to the clearest path for success.

The hardest problems require the greatest people, so every one of our employees around the world is dedicated to providing certainty. They’re ready to bring insights and guidance to help you target better, sell more, gain more share, and increase revenue and profits. There’s no better way to make sure you’re making the right decisions.

Our vision

A world in which innovation is powered by science and inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit to invent a better future.

Providing certainty across the industry.

People, process, data, and technology. We bring them together and harness them as the Power of 4®. These four scientific disciplines create an exponential output that maximizes our analytics expertise and ability to find the best answer for our clients. Fundamentally, the Power of 4 unleashes and maximizes the ability science gives us to create, test, learn, and improve. More importantly, it’s our key formula in creating certainty.

X Process
X Data
X Technology


Relentlessly curious, our teams are driven to solve extraordinary business challenges through science.

Proprietary critical path for processing countless data combinations in seconds.

The deepest, most accurate source of automotive data available in near real-time.

Creating new tools to put the power of science into many hands, delivering insights that increase the ability to drive new business.

For over 40 years, we’ve seen the solution when others only saw the problem.

In 1977, Jim Anderson proved that the right man, with the right insight and the right computer, could change the world. What started with one man — who was determined to solve a mission-critical challenge for Cadillac — and one computer grew to over 850 employees in 20 offices across the world, including ChannelVantage, a strategic partner to GM. The inventions of computer dot mapping and modern network planning were proof that science could solve unsolvable problems. That led us to expand into all realms of the automotive business. Doing business in every corner of the world has opened new doors into new industries. They all have data. They all have problems. And they can all benefit from science-based solutions.

Our corporate leadership


Our global offices


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Urban Science

    Proactive network management to connect today’s consumers with automotive more efficiently.


    Uncover what really impacts daily performance to grow market share.


    Bring customers back to increase service retention and build long-term loyalty.


    Scientific precision to make every marketing dollar work harder.