DETROIT, September 28, 2022 – Urban Science® today announced the launch of MarketGrowth™, a first-of-its-kind, best-in-class solution that taps the company’s unrivaled near-real-time industry sales* data to empower dealership groups – and the marketing agencies and consultants that support them – to better understand market performance and potential across all brands and geographies. By delivering the industry’s fastest and most complete sales data to the fingertips of dealership groups evaluating and making high-stakes merger and acquisition decisions, MarketGrowth empowers dealership leaders to gain competitive advantage within and outside their current networks – and to achieve business certainty – by helping them:

  • Better understand market positions by identifying brand and model performance in near-real time.
  • Identify shifts in sales patterns and performance strengths to efficiently focus marketing efforts and grow market share. This includes trends towards electrification and high-spec models.
  • Know where to grow by visualizing brand and dealership performance data in potential growth markets – whether in DMAs they already occupy or new territories, all geographies and segments are available.

Through MarketGrowth, dealership groups now have access to near-real-time industry sales data for all brands and across all designated market areas (DMA) for the first time ever, unlocking a unique chance to understand detailed market dynamics and identify growth opportunities – both within their current dealership network and across new geographies. Doing so allows dealership groups to root critical M&A-related decisions in science, not speculation, through past, current and prospective market performance insights.

“For more than 40 years, Urban Science has helped dealers and nearly every global OEM enhance efficiency and profitability through the power of our near-real-time sales data, and our proven scientific processes and methodologies – especially in the most dynamic market conditions,” said Tom Longo, executive vice president, Urban Science. “By delivering the power of our science directly to automotive retailers through an affordable, turnkey solution, MarketGrowth marks a new era of opportunity. Our clients can make more accurate and informed business decisions, and our organization has a new opportunity to continue to leverage and deploy the power of our science in new ways, to new audiences.”

In addition to delivering Urban Science’s powerful near-real time sales data directly to dealership groups, MarketGrowth’s user-friendly interface displays data through intuitive dashboards and enhanced mapping. This allows dealers to visualize market performance, identify risks and opportunities, and make science-driven business decisions while avoiding costly missteps.

Visit the Urban Science MarketGrowth page for additional information about this new solution and its unique ability to empower dealership groups to understand in- and out-of-market brand performance, market potential and expansion opportunities, and to set their organizations up to thrive in the short and long terms.

*Sales refers to vehicle unit sales and does not represent vehicle price or revenue.

About Urban Science

Urban Science is a leading automotive consultancy and technology firm that serves automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers, and the advertising technology companies that support them, around the world. Headquartered in Detroit and operating in 21 office locations globally, Urban Science taps the power of its science – and its unrivaled data, solution offerings and industry expertise – to create clarity and business certainty for clients in even the most chaotic market conditions. Visit for more information about how Urban Science helps automotive manufacturers and dealers gain competitive edges by taking the guesswork out of critical business decisions, and in turn drives improved efficiency and profitability industrywide.