DETROIT, March 22, 2023 – Urban Science® today announced the launch of its ServiceView™ Service-to-Sales Analysis, which taps the power of the company’s near-real time industry sales data to empower automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to better understand the importance of where service-loyal customers purchase their next vehicles – including competitive-brand stores – and the value of cultivating service-department customer relationships while highlighting strategic ways to capture more service opportunities. In doing so, this new offering unlocks new levels of business clarity, and in turn efficiency and profitability, for automakers and dealerships alike.

“While the auto industry acknowledges a strong service-to-sales loop – one that keeps car buyers coming back and spending money again and again – as a foundational element of business success at both the dealership and manufacturer levels, until now, automakers have been missing the most essential building blocks in creating it: timely, accurate measurement and up-to-date competitive defection reporting,” said Tom Longo, executive vice president, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, Urban Science. “The Urban Science Service-to-Sales Analysis empowers OEMs and dealers to identify – and focus their sales and marketing efforts on – service-loyal customers who are still in market through a near-real time view of same- and competitive-brand defections. This is a transformative offering that will position leading manufacturers to continue to gain – and maintain – competitive advantage through visibility and capability that is simply unmatched in our industry.”

Available as an add-on feature within the Urban Science ServiceView™ solution, which measures service performance across an automotive retail network and its dealership service departments, the company’s new Service-to-Sales Analysis is the only offering in the industry that allows OEMs to measure how effectively their dealerships convert service-loyal customers to new-vehicle sales and which customers were lost to competitive brands. The analysis is Urban Science’s latest offering developed to create clarity and business certainty for its clients – which include nearly every automotive OEM and over 24,000 dealers globally – and help their organizations reach new levels of business success by empowering them to:

  • Understand the untapped vehicle sales opportunities in their dealership service lanes, as well as the effectiveness of their current service-to-sales handoff processes across their networks.
  • Quantify the value of cultivating service-department customer relationships while highlighting strategic ways to capture more sales opportunities.
  • Focus marketing and sales resources on the best open opportunities.

Visit the ServiceView page on the Urban Science® website for additional information about this new analysis.

About Urban Science®

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