Addition of certified pre-owned alerts closes lead-pursuit blind spot, empowers sellers to more effectively focus time and resources on customers still in market  


DETROIT, July 19, 2023 – Urban Science® today announced significant enhancements to its SalesAlert™ solution, introducing an industry-first feature that delivers certified pre-owned (CPO) lead-defection alerts to franchise car dealers in the U.S., empowering them to identify sales lost to CPO vehicle purchases at same- and competitive-brand stores on a daily basis. Adding CPO alerts expands SalesAlert’s best-in-class defection-notification capabilities by addressing a critical dealer blind spot in lead pursuit, and by empowering sellers to more effectively focus their time and marketing budgets on leads that are still in market.

“Simply put, adding CPO lead-defection alerts to SalesAlert’s best-in-class capabilities empowers dealers to make decisions rooted in certainty, not speculation, regarding new and used leads to ensure their time and resources are dedicated to opportunities still available to them,” said Rick Jones, vice president, adtech and dealer direct, Urban Science. “Even better, through our latest enhancements, SalesAlert creates richer opportunities to identify – and reverse – defection trends that may not have been identified otherwise. This solution is a critical element of top dealerships’ technology arsenals and our latest upgrades will ensure it remains as such in the short and long terms.”

Additional SalesAlert enhancements
Beyond daily CPO defection alerts, Urban Science’s SalesAlert enhancements deliver several new features developed to guide the company’s dealer clients to business certainty in even the most ambiguous market conditions:

  1. QuickSights dashboard: provides valuable insights regarding critical lead-defection trends, including information about zip codes, salespeople, models and segments associated with sales lost to other stores.
  2. Defection DNA: offers in-depth insights regarding potential reasons behind lead defections with a single click. This granularity empowers more specific and relevant training.
  3. Dealer group view: allows leaders to easily analyze defections within dealer groups; defections can be compared against competitors and other stores within a group, and to group-level performance.

About SalesAlert
Launched last year, SalesAlert™ connects to a dealership’s customer relationship management (CRM) system and taps the power of Urban Science’s near-real-time industry sales* data to identify lost sales across dealerships, brands and locations; it then notifies dealers about sales lost to other stores on a daily basis, enabling them to focus their valuable time and resources on prospects still in market while improving seller training through near-real-time insights.

SalesAlert is available to all U.S.-based franchise dealerships. Visit the Urban Science SalesAlert™ page for additional information or contact us to schedule a demo.

*Sales refers to vehicle unit sales and does not represent vehicle price or revenue.


About Urban Science
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