December 15th, 2022


Scientifically Optimize Your Current
Footprint and Plan for the Future.


Decisions have to be made. Science can help.

A number of forces are disrupting the automotive landscape, making this an especially pivotal time for dealership groups. Seismic industry shifts, driven by the pandemic and subsequent inventory shortages, have altered consumer shopping and buying habits. New offerings — including electric vehicles — are accelerating the changes dealers need to make to operate and position themselves to thrive now and in the future.

At Urban Science®, we understand the dynamics at work in the current marketplace. We also understand the unprecedented factors at play through our unrivaled, near-real-time sales* data and depth of experience and expertise.

Fortunately, the myriad questions confronting dealership groups as they evaluate growth and consolidation opportunities don’t require answers to be made in a vacuum —or in the dark. Urban Science has created a precise, best-in-class, turnkey solution to help dealership groups make merger and acquisition (M&A) decisions rooted in science, not speculation. It’s a solution that enables you to access Designated Marketing Area (DMA) data never before seen at the dealer level.

For the first time, you can access independent, intricate DMA data never before seen at the dealer level.

Conventional wisdom doesn’t apply in unconventional times.

Automotive manufacturers are rewriting what it means to be a viable dealership in their network. “Mom and pop” dealerships don’t have the resources to keep up. The decision tree suddenly has more branches than simply “buy” or “sell.” Vehicle buyers make up one of those branches, and their views are only complicating the matter. In a recent Harris Poll1 conducted on behalf of Urban Science, nearly 60% of auto buyers expressed doubts on dealers’ readiness for an EV future. For many dealers (and dealership groups), those doubts can impact the decision-making process going forward.

MarketGrowth™ has the power to help you better understand your current dealership group market position, measure your brand performance, and identify key geographic areas of opportunity — even those outside your current market — to help you scientifically optimize your footprint. Plus, MarketGrowth gives you the clearest look at every DMA so that you can understand the dynamics and opportunities specific to your situation.

In my view, overall, dealers are behind the curve on understanding & advising the marketplace on EVs.

Time is not on your side.

Dealership consolidations are increasing. Some groups are larger than OEMs and are aggressively pursuing growth. But not all mergers and acquisitions are created equal. Don’t guess when MarketGrowth has the science to help you know.

There are other urgent forces at work. EVs are further putting the pressure on the need to act now, since OEMs are restructuring what dealerships need to do (and how much they need to invest) to become “EV-certified.” Different OEMs have different strategies regarding their efforts to change the dealership landscape. One OEM, for example, asked its dealerships to invest an average of $200,000 on upgrades, per facility, on charging stations, training and EV-related equipment. As an alternative, it offered up to $500,000 to drop their franchises altogether2.

MarketGrowth is designed to help you overcome the challenges of the changing dealership landscape:

  • Near-real-time data (which can be updated as often as daily)
  • Software-driven functionality where you create the scenarios — and get answers — most relevant to your situation
  • Turnkey convenience and functionality — once installed, MarketGrowth is available whenever you want or need it, providing you with the valuable insights to help in your decision-making

Timely, near-real-time data, along with software-driven functionality, give you the power to take the guesswork out of your decision-making.

Put the power of science on your side to gain a competitive advantage.

Since its founding over four decades ago, Urban Science has continued to enhance its proven, scientific approach for engaging, motivating and supporting customers and dealers. It’s an approach that stays ahead of the technological curve and continues to be the industry standard. Now you have access to the data driving the automotive industry, giving you the power to make better decisions and unlock opportunities for growth in new markets or your own.

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1. Conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of Urban Science, the auto-buying public survey was conducted from December 23, 2021 to January 4, 2022. Data are weighted where necessary by age, gender, race/ethnicity, region, education, marital status, household size, employment, and household income and propensity to be online to bring them in line with their actual proportions in the population.

2. “As GM and Ford Launch More EVs, Dealers Decide: Costly Upgrades or Obsolescence,”

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