In the complex retail world, we capture more leads and drive them through the funnel.

Consumers are demanding change, with fast-changing shopping and buying patterns. While technology drives this change, it can also be used to conquer it. Urban Science has engineered a seamless, proven process to capture leads and convert them to sales. You’ll see the full picture of sales and defections and have powerful insight into how successful your dealers are at converting leads to sales. Its the one way to understand what’s working and what’s not — making sure every marketing dollar works as hard as it can.

Control your leads or else they will control you.

Lead management is a complex and multi-disciplined endeavor. When you have the right partner, you can find, score, convert, and monitor lead performance every minute of every day. Urban Science has the tools, experience, and expertise to supercharge your lead management into fast and impactful results.

Health monitoring
Health monitoring

Bring excellence to lead execution

Leads are a 24 x 7 x 365 business, and so is our proven system to monitor that websites, disposition endpoints, and servers are performing flawlessly, and that lead volumes and throughputs are at expected levels.

Program management
Program management

We surround you with support and smarts

Dedicated support teams not only provide program and technical support, but also in-depth strategic reviews of data quality, performance trends, and opportunities for strategic program growth.

Turnkey implementation
Turnkey implementation

Get everyone engaged and go

Standardized and time-tested CRM integrations mean streamlined program setup and dealer onboarding to ensure dealer engagement and program satisfaction.

Training & support
Training & support

Start up and sustain success

To ensure successful program adoption and usage, we provide robust support for program launch with all stakeholders, and ongoing communications and training to maintain engagement and usage.


We make it easy to get powerful results.

LeadManagement programs are seamless to use from activation to customer redemption. They’re safe and secure, while providing detailed reporting to help you measure ROI and prove your success.

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Leads are the lifeblood of sales, so ensure every one is captured, validated, enhanced, and delivered flawlessly to dealers and corporate CRMs.

  • Capture and collect leads from all online and offline sources, in any format, in real time
  • Enhance your lead pipeline with an infusion of third-party leads, expertly negotiated and integrated by our expert team
  • Improve data quality through our rigorous process for cleansing, standardization, and enrichment
  • Focus precious marketing resources on the leads most likely to purchase, leveraging our proprietary, near real-time, lead scoring methodology
  • Ensure efficient and flawless delivery of leads to dealers, thanks to our turnkey CRM integrations
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To improve dealer and brand market share, it’s essential to truly understand your customer demand ecosystem and proactively manage the key metrics that matter.

  • Measure lead program performance key metrics — including lead volume, response times, and close rates by source and by model
  • Understand where you’re losing sales, with standard near real-time lead defection reporting
  • Ensure consensus between all stakeholders with platform views for corporate, regional offices, and dealers
  • Dig deeper into your metrics with detailed criteria filters and industry-leading data visualizations
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Not all leads are created equally, so it’s essential to focus your marketing resources based on the leads most likely to convert to sale, and tailor your messaging strategies for the greatest impact.

  • With 12 years of historical data, including 121 million transactions, Urban Science has the largest, most accurate understanding of automotive consumer purchase history
  • Our proprietary methodology scores leads based on their likelihood to purchase your brand and assigns each lead with a category of urgency
  • Our analytical model is driven by a combination of OEM and third-party lead data, demographic appends, our exclusive industry daily sales data, and our deep knowledge of dealer network convenience
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Know who’s in, who’s out, and where they went – on a national, regional, or dealer level.

The Urban Science® DataHub™ is one of the superpowers that make our solutions best in class. It’s the only near real-time source of industry-wide sales* fueled directly from the automakers, and not from a subset of dealers or modeled and delayed vehicle registrations. This exclusive data enables you to make informed business decisions based on yesterday’s insights, not last month’s or last quarter’s.


Source: Urban Science® DataHub™ | New Sales and Urban Science® DataHub™ | Certified Pre-Owned Sales
*Sales refers to vehicle unit sales and does not represent vehicle price or revenue.

With access to over 95% of all new vehicle sales and 89% of Certified Pre-Owned sales in the U.S., our industry-exclusive data hub gives you the most complete picture of the automotive market.


Our OEM data is updated as frequently as daily, making our solutions the only ones in the industry fueled by near real-time sales.


Urban Science statistics provide specifics into all transactions, including date of sale, ZIP code, make/model/trim, previous purchase, consumer details, and selling dealer.


This powerful data can also be delivered to any platform, extending dealers’ ability to make near real-time decisions for their other investments.


Since data is our foundation, we ensure that it is protected, including strict adherence to consumer-level privacy regulations, as well as stringent partitioning of dealer and brand data.

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