• New direct-to-dealer offering taps the power of Urban Science’s unrivaled near-real-time industry sales data and best-in-class technology to give dealers an accurate, daily status of their leads
  • SalesAlert™ connects directly to dealership CRMs and proactively notifies sellers when a sale is lost, empowering them to focus time and resources on prospects still in market

DETROIT, November 3, 2022 – Urban Science® today announced the launch of SalesAlert™, an industry first solution that notifies car dealers when a sales lead has purchased a vehicle from another dealership. To do so, SalesAlert™ connects to a dealership’s customer relationship management (CRM) system and taps the power of Urban Science’s near-real-time industry sales* data to identify lost sales across dealerships, brands and locations; it then notifies dealers about sales lost to other stores on a daily basis. The result: no more time or resources wasted chasing prospects that are no longer in market.

“Since Urban Science serves nearly every automotive manufacturer in the United States, our company’s daily sales data offers a near-real-time view of lost sales that’s simply unmatched in the industry,” said Tom Longo, executive vice president, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, Urban Science®. “By delivering daily updates to our dealer clients across the U.S. through an affordable, turnkey solution and user-friendly interface, SalesAlert™ is uniquely positioned as a must-have tool in any store’s sales arsenal and a growth pillar at leading stores nationwide.”

Optimized through in-depth collaboration with dealers nationwide, SalesAlert™ features an interface built for seamless connectivity and ease of use, and in addition to its core mission to make sales processes more efficient, it delivers several secondary benefits as well:

  • Empowers dealership leaders to better support and encourage their sellers by focusing sales efforts on prospects who are still shopping
  • Enables more targeted and effective opportunities for coaching related to deals lost to other stores
  • Improves seller morale by reducing frustration related to pursuing dead leads
  • Improves customer experience by helping eliminate unwanted follow up

SalesAlert™ is Urban Science’s second direct-to-dealer solution announced in recent months. Its launch comes on the heels of the company launching MarketGrowth™, another first-of-its-kind solution that allows dealership leaders to tap the power of Urban Science’s data to guide their high-stakes mergers and acquisitions with science, not speculation.

Visit the Urban Science SalesAlert™ page for additional information about this new solution and its unique ability to empower U.S. auto dealers to drive efficiency and profitability, and in turn short- and long-term growth.

*Sales refers to vehicle unit sales and does not represent vehicle price or revenue.

About Urban Science®
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