October 24th, 2022

Urban Scientists Join Life Remodeled to Beautify Detroit’s West Side

On October 4, 2022, 17 Detroit-based Urban Scientists spent the day volunteering with Life Remodeled, a non-profit focused on the intentional and equitable revitalization of Detroit neighborhoods. The group joined several other companies as a part of Life Remodeled’s Six-Day Project, which aims to beautify a large section of a neighborhood with capacious volunteer support; and this year they rallied to aid the community surrounding Cooley High School on Detroit’s west side.

In 2022, Life Remodeled and its community engagement efforts soared to new heights, with the Six-Day Project becoming the Detroit-based nonprofit’s most interactive project to date. In addition to mowing and trimming overgrown brush and weeds on vacant properties, the group mowed over 400 lawns of seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities, delivered 2,000 freshly potted mums, donated and installed 100 Ring video doorbells, and painted addresses on curbs. The project over exceeded their goal of greatly increasing the level of interaction between community residents, students, and our volunteers who live outside the Cooley community. And best of all, these efforts enhanced safety for neighborhood residents, including children who walk to school each day.

“Everything about this year’s project was bigger – from the number of volunteers and Urban Scientists who volunteered, and of course, our company’s collective commitment to work as one to make a positive impact on our community here in the Motor City,” said Steven Lewnau, senior software engineer and three-time Six-Day Project volunteer. “Our team worked on beautifying an entire block versus cleaning up a singular house. And for us, the most rewarding part of this experience was seeing the residents’ reactions to our work; we could truly feel their appreciation and we spoke to other neighbors who asked if we could help them with their yards as well. It was very rewarding for us to see the before and after pictures, which spotlighted the changes our team was able to make by coming together to do great things.”

Urban Science is a longstanding supporter of Life Remodeled and its mission, with 2022 being the third year we’ve worked alongside the organization. In addition to volunteering, Urban Science donated $1,000 to help strengthen the organization and their goals within the City of Detroit.

12 paid volunteerism hours are available to all employees

Our company culture is built on community, in which we not only make a commitment to creating a positive impact in the global communities in which we work and live, but also within our own teams. One of the ways we carry out this commitment to serving each other, and those who need us most in a variety of ways, is through corporate philanthropic efforts and volunteerism initiatives. All employees have 12 paid volunteerism hours available each year; an experience we encourage all employees to use!

About Life Remodeled – and how to get involved

Click here to learn more about Life Remodeled and how you can join its mission of doing meaningful work and bringing people together across divides.

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