At Urban Science, our vision is a world in which innovation is powered by science and inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit to invent a better future. As we forge ahead to make this vision a reality, our people are – and always have been – the most important catalysts for positive change inside our organization and across our communities. Some of us have been Urban Scientists for decades; some of us for years and some of us – including our summer interns – only for a matter of days or weeks.

Regardless of tenure with our organization, we recognize and celebrate the unique experiences and ideas our team members bring to the table each day. It’s always so energizing to welcome our summer interns, who represent colleges and universities across Michigan and beyond, to our organization.

Each summer, Urban Science invites college students to join our team in paid full-time positions that empower them to learn more about – and hone their skills associated with – their areas of career interest; they also get to learn about – and gain exposure to – new career pathways they may not have thought about otherwise. In addition to on-the-job training, our interns benefit from mentorship from our team of automotive business scientists – some of the industry’s leading experts. Some of our interns complete their time with us just before their fall semesters begin and some stay with us on a part-time basis when they resume their full-time studies.

As is the case with all our team members, we encourage our interns to discover their unique formulas for success and to tap the knowledge and insight of their mentors and colleagues to make their experiences as meaningful and beneficial as possible. Our program offers flexibility and support that promotes not only effective learning at work and in the classroom, but work- and school-life balance as well. While the interns hired into our summer internship program support teams in our U.S. based offices, our global office locations also offer internship experiences to local students, too.

“I’m proud to say that in addition to the many professional growth opportunities our summer internship program offers, it also offers access to likeminded professionals, and access to mentors and leaders, who become a strong support system (and often friends) throughout the duration of our interns’ time with us – and beyond,” said Larissa Sian, human resources consultant. “There’s no doubt strong careers – and strong companies – are rooted in continuous improvement and skill development, but relationships make the world go round.”

Many of our company’s former interns have since joined our company as full-time employees and some of them are now mentors themselves. We will introduce you to some of these Urban Scientists – and some of our current interns – in the coming weeks.