Donations – comprising $10,651 in employee contributions and a $15,000 corporate gift – will support efforts to alleviate suffering in Ukraine and surrounding areas.

Urban Science is an organization powered by automotive business scientists working in (or near) 21 office locations globally, including several locations across Europe, and the conflict – and resulting humanitarian crisis – in Ukraine has impacted our team members in many ways. We’ve watched with deep concern and sadness as many lives have been lost, and changed forever, and countless homes, schools, hospitals and other pieces of critical infrastructure have been destroyed. We’ve remained in close contact with our colleagues throughout the affected region and beyond, and we’ve worked diligently to support them in the best ways possible.

Early in our conversations about the conflict in Ukraine, it was clear our workforce was passionate about driving positive change – just as we always are. So, in early March, we announced a program that aimed to engage our team to deliver humanitarian relief to Ukrainians and pledged our organization would amplify their contributions through corporate gift matching.

The initial terms of the program offered a company match of all employee donations to International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine and surrounding areas. But throughout the month-long donation drive, we heard stories of many of our colleagues donating to other organizations providing relief to Ukrainians and those supporting them. In the spirit of recognizing – and amplifying – all relevant contributions, we expanded our corporate gift-matching program to include corporate matching for any donation to any organization helping people affected by the conflict in Ukraine; these donations are being matched with a corporate donation to the ICRC.

We’re proud to announce through our team’s generous contributions to help improve the lives of many – and our corporate gift matching program – we raised a total of $25,651 to help alleviate suffering in Ukraine and beyond. $10,651 of this total comes by way of employee donations to the ICRC and other organizations; an additional $15,000 was awarded to ICRC via corporate matching.

We stand firmly with the global community in calling for peace in Ukraine and will continue to do what we can to support our colleagues and communities in need during these uncertain times.

Click here to learn more about the ICRC’s humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine and surrounding areas, and to donate now.