Donations – comprising $6,046 in employee contributions and a $6,046 corporate gift match – will support efforts to deliver critical aid to people impacted by the Syria-Turkey earthquakes. 

In the early hours of Feb. 6, 2023, the lives of millions of people in Syria and Turkey were changed forever as a historic and catastrophic earthquake ravaged the region. The impact of this event (and subsequent related events) killed over 50,000 people and devastated communities – many that have already faced, and continue to face, significant hardships due to other ongoing humanitarian crises. As a company with team members working in (or near) 20 office locations globally, many of our employees have close ties to Syria and Turkey – and surrounding areas – and we felt a collective obligation to help.  

In the spirit of our company’s ongoing commitment to making a positive impact on our communities and our #DoGreatThings value, we came together to launch a corporate gift-matching program to deliver much-needed financial aid to nonprofits supporting earthquake relief efforts in Syria and Turkey. We’re humbled and grateful to report Urban Scientists around the world donated to 22 charities supporting this important cause, raising a total of $6,046 in employee contributions that were matched by our organization with a corporate donation to The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to support its earthquake relief efforts in Syria and Turkey.   

Urban Science team members donated to the following nonprofits during the course of our gift-matching program:  

  • Save the Children 
  • Cruz Roja 
  • Unicef 
  • American Red Cross 
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross 
  • Doctors Without Borders USA 
  • Matthew 25 
  • CAMA Relief and Development 
  • Syrian American Medical Society 
  • Global Empowerment Mission 
  • Baitulmaal 
  • Helping Hand USA 
  • Caritas 
  • World Central Kitchen 
  • British Red Cross 
  • Give Lively Foundation 
  • Khalsa Aid International 
  • Care+SAMS 
  • Molham Volunteering Team 
  • Reach 23 FIRAS 
  • Launchgood 
  • DirectRelief 

“Thanks to the compassion, generosity and engagement of our team members worldwide, our organization was able, once again, to deliver critical – and in many cases, life-saving support – to those who need it most,” said Randall Tallerico, chief marketing officer, Urban Science. “At Urban Science, when we see a challenge, our relentless drive to develop a solution kicks into overdrive – both in our work with automotive industry leaders around the world and in our communities. The events that occurred in Syria and Turkey are tragic, but the willingness of the global community to come together and help people throughout the region during their darkest hours is nothing short of inspiring. We salute everyone with a hand in making this happen, including first responders and nonprofits working throughout the region, and those who continue to support them. 

Since our company was founded in 1977, our commitment to making a positive impact on our communities has been (and will remain) an underpinning of our company culture. Click here to read more about our community efforts.