The Agency Model is coming.
Here’s how to track its financial implications.

September 5th, 2023

As OEMs begin to shift toward the agency model and due to the flexibility it allows them, questions abound as the retail landscape is yet to be fully realized. Buyers wonder how the current retail format can keep up. According to a recent survey conducted by Urban Science with the Harris Poll, 71% of UK-based buyers and 63% of Germany-based buyers were skeptical about traditional retail formats being completely optimized for the future.1

Both independent and OEM-owned retailers, however, benefit greatly from their relationships with OEMs. The support provided through marketing and advertising materials as well as additional support for customer service and aftersales offerings help drive customer loyalty at the retail level.

The challenge: finding the way forward and its implications on Dealer Networks

The independence of retailers from their previous OEM management leads to an increased emphasis on approaches to information access designed to meet your corporate compliance needs. OEMs find themselves asking:

  • How can I understand the financial impact to my network as we move to the agency model?
  • How can I make this a smooth transition for my network?
  • How can I secure data and protect the privacy of my Agents/Retailers’ independent business operational choices?
  • How can I ensure my Agents/Retailers have the tools they need to explore and understand the opportunities gained through an agency model?
  • Why am I not seeing the cost reductions we projected?

The Urban Science solution: FinancialView™

FinancialView™ from Urban Science makes important financial data easy to manage and use. It delivers on the detailed data management capabilities OEMs need, allowing them to validate, map and visualize data at the account, KPI or composite level in a way that takes added time and frustration out of the equation. Unmatched security, detail and flexibility help OEMs and retailers feel confident in their decision-making as the industry continues to shift to the agency model.

Key FinancialView features:

FinancialView can help you understand how financial decisions can impact profitability and revenue growth, and unlock the key to stronger, data-driven financial strategies. It offers:

  • Secure role-based access through OEM-defined roles and security levels extending to pages/features/reports and all the way down to financial account and KPI access
  • Economic Retailer Grouping with consolidated financial reporting for multi-agency owners, delivering both overall group performance and individual retail outlets performance
  • Competitive Benchmarking against relevant composite groups to quantify dealership financials and provide a clear picture of performance and opportunities

Business implementation:

We know that switching providers and set up are difficult, so we make it easy and fast to ensure you don’t miss a beat while you’re tracking your financial KPIs across your network – utilizing the best security and data accuracy in no time.

  • Enterprise Licensing is standard, delivering all stakeholders access.
  • We move at your speed, with implementations happening in as fast as 90 days.*
*varies based on client specifics

Why Urban Science?

At Urban Science, our FinancialView success record stands out as a valuable tool to help ensure success with the agency model. FinancialView is:

  • Used by over 27,000 dealers from the best-known OEMs globally
  • Deployed in over 100 countries worldwide
  • A solution that delivers 1.5 billion data elements in an easily viewable and digestible format – secured and available for analysis every month

To find out more about how our
FinancialView solution can help you, contact us.

Craig Neorr
Solution Lead, FinancialView

1. This survey was conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of Urban Science between December 9-13, 2022, among 4,730 adults ages 18+ who currently own or lease or plan to purchase or lease a vehicle in the next 12 months (referred to in this report as “auto-buyers”) in the United Kingdom (n=811), Germany (n=847), China (n=931), Mexico (n=1,185), and Australia (n=956). The sampling precision of Harris online polls is measured by using a Bayesian credible interval. For this study, the sample data is accurate to within ±3.6 percentage points for United Kingdom, ±3.6 percentage points for Germany, ±4.2 percentage points for China, ±3.2 percentage points for Australia, and ±3.5 percentage points for Mexico, using a 95% confidence level.

For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables and subgroup sample sizes, please contact Amy Reed Bowering (

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