Tapping into service data to boost performance across retailer aftersales networks

September 7th, 2023

The retailer aftersales business model is facing significant change as the vehicle parc begins to transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs) in greater volumes. Maintaining profitability is top of mind and manufacturers are sharpening their focus on helping retailers find aftersales opportunities. EVs require less maintenance, which means that alternative revenue and profit streams need to be investigated. Aftersales performance is, therefore, more critical than ever for both manufacturers and retailers.

Both manufacturers and retailers require benchmarks to effectively measure established, as well as novel, KPIs to enable accurate assessment of the impacts of industry shifts and facilitate the tracking and encouragement of continuous improvement. Manufacturers are seeking an aftersales performance measurement solution that streamlines the process of extracting, cleansing, validating and analyzing detailed service data, while simultaneously finding and presenting every revenue-generating opportunity at hand.

The challenge:

Ensuring reliable KPI measurement requires accurate and timely data input and sophisticated processes to clean and enhance service invoice (Repair Order) data. Historically, dealership service department performance has not been accounted for by manufacturers. This autonomy has resulted in dealers developing their own data management processes or working with a variety of data extraction services, often with limited scope and insights into key service performance metrics crucial for driving revenue and navigating industry shifts.

Additionally, manufacturers dealing with multiple data providers encounter an added challenge: ensuring the consolidation
and reliability of network service data right from the outset. Addressing this challenge necessitates a significant investment of time to refine the process.

Manufacturers find themselves asking:

  • How can I efficiently and effectively collect service data for my network?
  • How many entities does it require to manage my service data?
  • How do I consolidate my network’s diverse service data providers?
  • Is there an aftersales performance management solution that continues to evolve with industry shifts?
  • How will I trust that my service network data analyses are accurate?

The Urban Science solution: ServiceView™

ServiceView™ from Urban Science is the industry’s fastest, most accurate way to diagnose service opportunities. ServiceView sees into every aspect of Service and Parts departments, delivering a holistic view of performance and opportunity. Leveraging vital service department data, our detailed analytics dive deeper to provide actionable insights for capturing every efficiency, retention and sales opportunity for maximizing performance and revenue growth.

Through a partnership with ETL, we now have the ability to extract invoice-level service data, which fuels the most comprehensive, end-to-end service solution in Europe – ServiceView.

Key ServiceView features:

Our integrated ServiceView solution translates complex car parc and service order data into meaningful, actionable metrics, using fast, flexible modules. ServiceView empowers users to define custom KPIs that align seamlessly with industry trends or client-specific goals. As a global system with role-based access, ServiceView aligns all stakeholders with common data and insights, creating a single source of truth.

Our suite of fast, flexible modules delivers a complete picture of service performance. Each module is designed to provide detailed insights, streamlining various aspects of your business operations:

Retention Module: Unlocking Customer Insights
Through the deepest retention analytics available, we deliver insights for understanding customers kept, those lost to other same-brand dealers, and for pinpointing opportunities to drive sales-to-service conversions and repeat service loyalty.

Repair Order Module: Enhancing Operation Efficiency
Our granular analysis of operational efficiency is designed to generate higher profits and greater customer satisfaction through insights down to the technician and labor management level.

Parts Module: Precision Parts Analysis
Easily measure and analyze parts purchased by retailers and those sold over the counter. Pinpoint opportunities for additional parts sales, directly targeting independent retail franchises to enhance revenue streams.

Marketing Module: Targeted Marketing Strategies
Generate marketing lists that strategically target service customers to boost traffic and retention, all while integrating directly with fulfillment vendors and encompassing telematics, service marketing and parts/wholesale marketing campaigns.

Business implementation:

We know collecting data from an entire network can be a daunting challenge. So, we’ve simplified this process by providing an end-to-end system that is tailored to individual manufacturer needs. Our approach seamlessly integrates into existing DMS landscapes and incorporates required KPIs.

  • With our streamlined approach, systems can be set up as soon as 90 days* after data is delivered to us.
*depends on data access

Why Urban Science?

At Urban Science, our global success with ServiceView, combined with our industry expertise, delivers a true advantage. We leverage learnings to continuously improve our system and deliver added value. No one else in the industry can offer data-driven benchmarks for customer retention, parts potential, capacity planning and recall compliance through a single, user-friendly solution.

Our credentials:

  • With more than 20 global implementations, we possess the proficiency to analyze and optimize markets of any scale.
  • In 2022 alone, our experts processed over 130 million repair orders – averaging 10.8 million repair orders each month.

Data Quality Assurance:

  • We eliminate all uncertainty by ensuring the best data inputs managed through a combination of experts at Urban Science and ETL.
  • Through the data acquisition process, we perform hundreds of audits and validations, ensuring the identification and resolution of potential issues to deliver reliable analyses.

What our clients are saying:

“Urban Science is very adaptable to an ever-changing environment and is a company made up of critical thinkers. Their team handles all sorts of problems for our aftersales business and frequently delivers great solutions. They are great at digesting information and easily explaining complex calculations/analysis to our business teams for them to then use in dealer meetings.”

– BMWAftersales Customer Pay & Service Retention Manager

To find out more about how our ServiceView solution can help you, contact us.

Piermichele Robazza
Global Practice Director, Aftersales

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