Urban Scientist Susan Filipek shares her formula for her own employee experience shaped by recognition.

The Urban Science Employee Experience reflects our commitment to four pillars: Wellbeing, Growth, Community and Recognition. Incorporating these pillars together is how we provide support to our employees, so they’re set up to accomplish their goals!

While data is measured by the outcomes, we know that success is about the willingness to take risks and learn along the way; we take time to focus on Recognition and celebrate it all – professional growth, personal accomplishments and contributions not only to our community, but the world beyond.

At Urban Science, we know that one-size-fits-all employee experiences do not fit all. We empower our people to help themselves and discover what works for them by offering a variety of programs, benefits and tools; Ensuring individuals have flexibility, support and encouragement to achieve their professional and personal goals. When employees feel supported by their company, they can truly dogreatthings – Urban Science is here to share the journey.