During the coronavirus pandemic, many of us find ourselves online more – browsing, connecting with friends, or simply passing time – but how much more is more? In a recent Urban Science online study, we found adults are spending nearly 8 hours a week on websites and 6 hours on social media/streaming videos on average. In particular, we found that those intending to acquire a vehicle in the next year or in the next three months spend slightly less time on websites and more time streaming videos. This is great news for Automotive Marketers trying to capture additional wandering eyes.

Our Harris Poll study* also showed that more than half of consumers (including those who intend to purchase a vehicle in the next year or sooner) are spending time on e-commerce and news websites weekly. Of those adults looking to purchase in the next year or so, 2 of 5 are spending time on special interests, entertainment, and sports websites. E-commerce sites, like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, are the most likely to be visited.

*Urban Science Harris Poll Collaboration Study, “Continuing Through COVID: Are Consumer Car Buying Intentions Changing All That Much?”, 2020

Both those intending to purchase in the next three months and those in the next year spend 64% of their web activity on e-commerce sites.