For many years, Urban Science’s internship program has unlocked new pathways for personal and professional growth by empowering college students and new employees to develop their professional and interpersonal skills alongside our team members – the automotive industry’s leading experts. During their time with our company, our company’s interns learn more about their areas of career interest while getting the opportunity to explore new avenues they may not have been exposed to otherwise. Best of all, they create meaningful connections with the colleagues and make significant contributions that drive our organization – and their careers – forward. One such intern is Morgan Henson, who is now a software engineer with us.

Morgan began her career with Urban Science as a software engineering intern in May 2018 and served in that role for seven months while she pursued her bachelor’s degree in computer science. Her embodiment of our Work as One value and eagerness to Invent the Future at our company quickly caught the attention of her colleagues and leaders, and Morgan was offered a full-time role as an associate software engineer in 2019 following graduation. With the knowledge, skills and relationships she developed during her time as an Urban Science intern, Morgan was prepared to hit the ground running in her full-time role as she supported several high-visibility clients.

More than three years later, Morgan currently holds the title of Software Engineer at Urban Science and is responsible for large deployment releases and third-party attribution solutions. Even better, she’s now a mentor to an Intern on her team and has an opportunity to pass on the knowledge and skills she’s gained, and to help develop our company’s next generation of leaders, empowering our organization to continue to lead the automotive industry forward for years to come.

“There’s no doubt my time as an Urban Science Intern was a turning point for me – professionally and personally,” said Henson. “The relationships and skills – including interpersonal skills, time management, prioritization and leadership – I developed during my time as an intern set me up for success then and now, and I’m humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to pay them forward.”

Morgan attributes her career success to building strong relationships, including those with her leaders, and her willingness to step up to take on challenging tasks and offer herself as a resource to her fellow Urban Scientists.

“At Urban Science, we tap the power of our unrivaled data and expertise to help automotive manufacturers and dealers solve mission-critical challenges in even the most ambiguous market conditions,” said Henson. “It takes a village to accomplish such a feat; knowing that – and proactively finding new ways to be of service to your colleagues and clients – is the underpinning of success at our company.”

Before joining Urban Science full time, Morgan attended the University of Michigan-Dearborn and was a member of a professional sorority that supports creating career pathways for women in technology. She still has a tight-knit relationship with the sorority, serving as the current chapter advisor. Morgan credits her sorority, and her leader, Heidi Schmotzer, software engineering manager, as inspirations for forging her own path in the STEM field, which is a male-dominated space. She credits Heidi for being an outstanding role model and mentor who’s always willing to support her and share experience and skills that benefit not only her team, but Urban Scientists and clients at large.

We salute Morgan and Heidi and thank them for their tireless work to not only drive continued growth and success for our clients and company, but for their dedication to blazing new trails for women in STEM. This is a cause we’re extremely passionate about and champion through our support of the Girls in Engineering Academy and other initiatives that create new pathways to STEM careers for women and other underrepresented communities.

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