The Problem

Despite ongoing efforts, a major North American OEM still had many vehicles on the road in need of recall repairs related to Takata Airbags. They found that despite repeated contact, many customers were not motivated to act, and worse, there was a group of customers they were no longer able to contact due to a change in contact information. These “orphaned” customers were not receiving vital communications regarding the recall’s underlying safety concerns.

Beyond simply fulfilling regulatory compliance, this OEM recognized that recalls could have a negative impact on a brand when not dealt with properly, so they sought an effective and efficient way to reach as many customers as possible with important safety information. In doing so, they hoped to turn a negative situation into an opportunity to build positive relationships and increase long-term brand loyalty.

The Solution

Leveraging the power of Urban Science® AutoHook® solution, the OEM sent $250 Amazon gift card incentive emails to their full targeted customer list via priority distribution waves. In addition to reaching out to their full customer list, Urban Science was able to successfully enhance overall customer data quality and identify over 3,000 orphaned customers, with over 24% having up to three email addresses.


Customers were identified via VIN, including over 3,000 who were formerly orphaned.


Targeted emails were sent with a $250 Amazon incentive offer, holding back a control group for comparison .


Timely analysis compared vehicle repairs against Takata claims, generating actionable insights to optimize ongoing customer email waves.


Total program results over 6 months showed, Emails containing an AutoHook® offer resulted in a 12% lift in repair rates over the control group – an increase sustained over 90 days after receipt of the correspondence. Owners who opened the communication also demonstrated a quicker response time for repair. Of those that received an AutoHook incentive email:


Incentives like gift cards are a proven consumer motivator, and your efforts to reach and mobilize your audience with them can have a great impact with the right strategy. In a market with more channels and points of contact than ever before, Urban Science has the tools to help you target, incentivize and optimize your outreach in ways that can deliver real, measurable results.