November 4th, 2021 Blog

Urban Scientists gather to celebrate Diwali, India’s biggest and most important holiday

Detroit-based Urban Scientists recently met up for our company’s annual Diwali celebration lunch organized by our headquarters’ employee committee and our colleagues of Indian heritage. Attendees spent the afternoon enjoying each other’s company over a delicious lunch of Indian cuisine, learning about Diwali and related traditions, and basking in the bright colors of Diwali décor in the picturesque Michigan autumn setting. 

Diwali, The Festival Of Lights, is India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year celebrated over five days. Celebrations and cultural meanings vary by region but the common theme no matter where people celebrate is marking the triumph of good over evil. Celebrated with a variety of food, dazzling fireworks lighting up the sky, meticulous decorations of brightly colored sand, beautiful traditions of intricate Henna and vibrant clothing, and the glow of special candles and lamps, festivities always involve sharing the company of friends, neighbors, family and community. 

While the pandemic and remote working arrangements changed the look of this event in 2021, the anticipation and enthusiasm to attend was stronger than ever. This year, this employee-favorite event evolved from lines down office hallways prior to the pandemic to a new backdrop as we embrace remote working – celebrating outdoors at a local community park with games and dining for employees and their families to enjoy. 

To me, our annual Diwali celebration embodies our team’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. This event began as a small celebration among the Indian and South-East Asian communities at Urban Science and has since become a tradition that brings together colleagues of all backgrounds and ethnicities to embrace our similarities and celebrate our differences.”

Aparna Verma, Project Manager

Despite working from home, seeing my colleagues attend and support our annual Diwali celebration felt great. Our community of employees is incredibly supportive of the diversity and different cultures at Urban Science.

Pavan Chandra, Senior Manager

At Urban Science, our team members come together to build a community that’s inclusive, ethical and inspiring. This is a grassroots approach to doing business that continues to build an employee experience that’s rooted in positivity and inclusivity, and we’re grateful for the efforts of our colleagues who contributed to another successful Diwali celebration in 2021. The camaraderie, respect and eagerness to learn new things not only makes us better colleagues, it makes us a better company, and for that, we’re grateful.  

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