NADA Live Webinar

August 23rd @ 1pm EST | Virtual


Join us for an engaging and insightful webinar where Rick Jones, Urban Science’s dealership performance leader, will lead a thought-provoking conversation with Ashley Cavazos, marketing director of DeMontrond Auto Group, and Sean Kelley, CEO of Car Motivators. Together, they will delve into the transformative power of detailed defection data and its profound impact on sales team training, operational efficiency, and the overall customer experience.

In this highly informative session, you will gain valuable insights from real-life examples of dealerships, similar to yours, who have harnessed the power of micro data trends to achieve remarkable sales growth and foster long-term relationships with their customers. Discover how leveraging detailed defection data can unlock new opportunities for your dealership, enhance your sales strategies, and elevate the way you engage with your customers.


Rick Jones, Vice President of AdTech and Dealer Direct
Ashley Cavazos, Marketing Director at DeMontrond Auto Group
Sean Kelley, CEO of Car Motivators


  • Reframe your sales team’s mindset to see the potential of lost sales
  • Gain insights into how dealers are improving their relationships with defected leads
  • Identify untapped efficiencies in your sales processes

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