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Telehealth Analytics

As the Healthcare industry continues to evolve, so do its challenges. How can providers overcome them? We use the power of science paired with analytics to deliver data that can reduce patient recidivism and emergency situations, and limit the negative outcomes that can occur at home.


By harnessing the power of data through analytics, we can optimize the success of our clients’ services. 

Operational Efficiencies

Your organization makes decisions every day, every hour, every minute that affect patient outcomes and the bottom line. We can help provide insight into the impact of those decisions and deliver metrics that are most important to achieving your goals.


Performance Dashboard

Our performance dashboard gives a high-level view of your telehealth program so you can make strategic decisions based on real-world results. For larger implementations involving multiple locations, you have the ability to drill into the performance of each facility for quick, tactical updates to your program.

Participation Optimization

Telehealth solutions are a great addition to the continuum of care, but they come at a cost to your organization. Our analytical processes uncover the best telehealth program patient mix to meet your budgetary constraints.

Case Studies

Creating a Scientific Way to Optimize Dialysis Sessions


Predicting Plasma
Product Demand



For 40 years, Urban Science has utilized data and analytics to solve problems. Now we’re using this expertise to tap into the abundance of data in the healthcare field today.

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