Manage Dealer Network
Steer operations confidently toward your objectives

AssessNet is the web-based, data capture and assessment solution that enables you to manage and measure brand standards compliance across your retail and service networks. It works by benchmarking dealer performance against measurement criteria regarding the facility and customer treatment. With five modules, you can record your facilities’ compliance with the spectrum of corporate standards programs. Modules include Dealer Profile Management, Checklist Management, Audit Planning & Execution, and Analysis & Reporting.



The Dealer Services Group, LLC offers consulting, training and support on AssessNet to fully embrace its potential on fulfilling facility standards and requirements to assure that the dealer, region and OEM can monitor and measure progress in meeting the objectives over time. To learn more or contact an expert, click here.


Contract Management

Contract Management transforms workflow with more efficient management of dealer agreements, information changes, and action requests throughout the document lifecycle. This solution helps you better manage dealer networks by providing onsite support related to dealer-requested changes to contract-based information, new contracts and renewals, or contractual geography changes. It includes document management software to dispose of paper files and create a seamless electronic document storage and quick retrieval capability.

Field Force Optimization

Field Force Optimization enables you to tap the full potential of your field force. You can quantify the true value of your field staff, develop solutions, and then align field staff and geographic coverage for optimal performance. The process includes determining field staff objectives; quantifying the value of field staff; determining how to maximize value; proposing and measuring solutions; and aligning field staff and geographic coverage. Our process has improved customer satisfaction while reducing costs and balancing workloads.