Implement Network Plan
Utilize proven methods to implement and track your network plan

Ni2® is the “expert” tool that analyzes market performance to help maximize sales, profits, and market share. It includes advanced “what if” scenario planning tools in order to aid you with implementing your network plan.  Performance reports, maps and charts deliver updated comparisons of your network against the competition, and network optimization tools help pinpoint opportunities. Ni2 includes useful advanced mapping and reporting capabilities to plan your network and evaluate changes that occur in the marketplace.

Network Tracker

Network Tracker is the monitoring tool that measures and tracks the transformation of the actual network to the “blueprint,” and in the process provides an eagle-eye view of network effectiveness. Reports can be set up to monitor and track registrations, store plan implementations, and changes in competitive locations. It identifies areas of a network that may be over or under represented and analyzes trends in dealer numbers for you and your competition at a national and local level.

Distressed Dealer Identification

Distressed Dealer Identification analyzes dealer business management data and helps OEMs identify dealerships that are at risk of going out of business within the next year. Using this solution, proactive plans can be developed, and resources can be focused at strategic locations where they promise to make the greatest impact, minimizing loss of sales if a failure does occur and providing assistance to key dealers.