Data Optimization
Create a solid foundation for data management
Data Analysis Techniques

Data Analysis Techniques cleanse data prior to your analysis to assure reliable results. Poor answers from your studies usually are a result of poor initial data.  One of our techniques helps you identify two types of distortions: those related to market share, such as abnormally high numbers for a particular model and area; and those related to volume, such as abnormally high sales volumes for several models in a particular area.


Forecasting utilizes various statistical methods for estimating future new vehicle sales across all geographic levels, from a local postal code to a national scale. It starts by providing a solid understanding of your sales volume forecasts at all levels to support your strategic decision making. Most importantly, our forecasts are built on an intelligent model that evolves with the input of new data, which is integrated with Urban Science tools to deliver market intelligence to your desktop.

Shared Sales

Shared Sales offers clients data that no other company can provide. Each month, OEMs share their sales data with Urban Science, and we standardize and code data, then distribute an industry database allowing you to see the combined sales data by different geographic segments. A high industry participation rate paired with the usability and timeliness of the report allows you to benchmark sales and performance against competitors more accurately.

Dealer Census / Franchise Activity Reporting

Dealer Census / Franchise Activity Reporting maintains a list of current dealership and franchise information for all car and light truck brands in the United States and highlights changes over time.  It is compiled on a monthly basis and is the most reliable source of dealership statistics. The data comes from a variety of sources, including feeds from automotive manufacturers as well as phone and field verification. The Franchise Active Report is designed with easy access to help streamline the tracking of automotive dealers and provide monthly insights in this ever-changing industry.